It is one of the most fertile walnut types in the world. It produces walnut in bunches. It has a thin shell. It is easy to break, and core out.A 6-8 year old tree may produce an average 20-25 kg of fruit. A 10-11 year old chandler tree yields an average of 60-70 kg of walnut. A 18-22 year-old tree may yield up to 150 kg of walnuts per tree.

It adapts to the atmosphere of the district it is planted; at the end of the day it has the normal for acclimation. It blooms late in the spring. That is the reason it is exceptionally impervious to the spring ices. It is fitting to plant it in spots with an elevation that is up to 1200 meters above ocean level.

  • Origin: U.S.A
  • Fruit Size Shelled:36-39 mm.
  • Fruit Weight with Shell:12 gr.
  • İnside Color:White
  • Meat Weight:5,5 gr.
  • Pollinator:Franquette,Fernette