Considerations When Installing A Walnut Garden

There are some other considerations to consider besides the choice of location and variety when setting up a walnut garden. We can sort these out as follows:

  • Supply of irrigation water
  • Supply of farm manure or natural organic manure
  • Protection of the garden from foreign influences( from animals or rodents)
  • Transport

Walnuts are one of the fruit species that require the most water with their fancy structures and large leaf surfaces.Although it is a very successful plant in the water system with root system that runs very deep, it should not be ignored that irrigation is a factor that directly affects fruit size.Good fertilization means strong shoot development and large leaf surface.

The most important thing to note when setting up a walnut garden is; choosing the right variety , healthy seedlings and planting them at the right time and in the right way.Before planting, it should be noted that the roots of saplings have not dried.Walnuts should be planted in well-drained soils and ground water height should not exceed 3 – 3.5 meters

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