Irrigation, Why? When? How It Should Be Done

Walnut trees ,which have a flamboyant structure, widespread branching and a young leaf surface, are among our fruit species that need water the most.Although walnut trees get some of the water they need from rainwater, when all their needs are not met with rainfall, the water deficits of walnuts are removed by irrigation.Walnut groves need 750-1500 mm of water throughout the year, including rainfall.Irrigation can be started in early spring or in late autumn in areas where drought is severe or annual rainfall is low.

The need for water is very high in June, July, August, where there is rapid exile development and fruit growth, and half of the annual water consumption is required in these months.Fruit growth in walnuts occurs in 5-6 weeks time immediately after flowering.Therefore,the lack of water that will occur in the early stages of the development season will cause a large extent of small fruit formation.the first 5-6 weeks after flowering irrigation will provide the size of the Walnut,irrigation up to the harvest will help the Walnut to flourish and fill the inside of the shell.

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